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About Us

The building located at 868 Sherburne was designed in the Carpenter Gothic style by Minnesota architect Clarence H. Johnston in 1907 and built by the University Avenue Congregational Church in 1908. In 2002, St. Paul Fellowship was established after housing numerous churches in its 110-year history. 
Our vision is to be a multi-ethnic, multicultural, multi-generational church that serves as a catalyst to individual and neighborhood transformation. As a church, we hope to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere, honor our elders and young people and embrace our collective calling to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God.
St. Paul Fellowship is a church for the whole community located in the Frogtown neighborhood of St. Paul, Minnesota. Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus with a special focus on the people in Frogtown, as we are a church that desires to see Frogtown flourish. We value worship, prayer, family and fellowship, children, and justice.

The Frogtown neighborhood is rich with  diversity of ethnicity, languages and culture. It is one of few neighborhoods in Minnesota where Black and Brown people are the predominant racial groups. What once was an oppressed and under-resourced neighborhood is now full of joy, community and resilience.


Frank Stewart is the Senior Pastor at SPF, he studied and graduated from The Master Builders bible college. Pastor Frank as he is affectionately called by many, has the heart of a true evangelist. While running his own printing company for a number of years, he also ministered at local missions and juvenile detention centers like Boys Totem Town.


Members of the Pastoral Leadership Team are Roxanne Bye, Narah Larson, Clare Brown, Gary Brown, Brenda Stewart, and Frank Stewart. The team leads through a season of under-the-surface work and growth into new life and vitality as a church.

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